How sweet this time of year, as we witness new life waking up all around us. Everywhere, the buzz and excitement of nature’s intuitive rhythm. One can’t help but feel inspired by the energy.  There’s a sense of urgency to nurture new projects and tend to the details of all the blossoming that’s unfolding.

It’s difficult to imagine that only a few weeks ago, we were still ensconced in winter.  And for many, this past winter was long and arduous.  One wondered if spring might ever arrive.  The colder temperatures and continuous barrage of snow held us captive. We became slowed down, often frozen in inactivity.

And yet, this winter held more days of sunshine and clear blue sky, reminding us to stay hopeful for new growth at work beneath our frozen surface.  Rich creativity often asks this of us – that we be still, patient and wait as seeds of something new can gather strength and vitality below the seemingly lifeless surface.

Every so often we ignore this call to go inward, and instead endeavor to push with restless activity.  We inevitably realize that things are not coming together, leaving us tired and frustrated.  We are missing the powerful ingredient that comes with conscious stillness and rest. When we do let go to this gentler flow, we can be hopeful that our plans and designs are being tended to by the mystical powers of the Universe.

And so here we are, immersed in the bounty of spring. Surrounded by the joyful sounds, smells and colours of new life – new growth. Our restless, waiting through the long, cold winter seems but a distant memory. We may now appreciate the purpose and potency served in that time of stirring joy beneath the frozen surface.

It requires great trust to surrender to this knowing, to permit something amazing to emerge from the seedlings of our dreams and intentions. Combined with the magical seasoning of divine timing, we come to birth our greatest creations.

In Love, Light and Joy,

Carole Wray