December is a time of preparations and celebrations, and also a time of colder days and waning light. December 21st is Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year. It’s a time for moving into the mystery of the darkness. It’s a time to reflect on the truth of our personal journey as well as our collective journey. It’s a time to look at all that has happened and what we’ve learned, consider the layers we’re ready to shed, and polish the gifts that we’ve uncovered. It’s as if you are entering a sacred cave of silence and stillness, where you emerge into greater light.

Last year around this time, I began searching for a word that would be my inspiration for 2022. I chose the word “grace”, with hopes it would be my guiding light in moments when I experienced or witnessed painful actions. This word became my mantra during my morning meditations, and also in moments through the day when I found myself teetering into reflexive responses to old triggers.

I believe that we often teach what we are learning. This thought can be very humbling, especially at times when someone is looking to us for strength and wisdom. To have the humility to say, “I don’t know”.or “I’m still working on this myself”. Sometimes I really lose my balance, and there are many times I am anything but graceful. But when I can recognize each of these moments and find the warmth of self-compassion and light-heartedness towards those around me, I actually do feel filled with “grace”.

In those moments, I am inspired and hopeful. Deep within, I believe that we are all shifting, growing and healing. Every small act of kindness, understanding, patience and compassion contributes to the healing of the whole. This is where “grace” resides.

What will your word of inspiration be, for the coming new year? If you would like to share a word or phrase that inspires you, I invite you to email me and tell me what your word is and why?

However you celebrate this sacred time of year, may you and your loved ones be blessed with grace – peace, happiness and compassion.

Carole Wray


“I honour the place in you of Light. I honour the place in you of Love. I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. For when I am there and you are there there is only one of us.”

Mahatma Mohandas Ghandi