“We are creatures of fertile earth and endless sky, meant to embody their full integration. We are floating in the waters of an amniotic spirit, within a cosmic womb out of which we will emerge Angelic and joyful…. The time has come for us to be reborn. 

                                                                                                                                                                        Marianne Williamson

Times of chaos and crisis, though often viewed as negative, may actually be powerful times of transformation and healing.  These strange and challenging times we are currently experiencing have the potency of shaking loose our moorings.  The constant changing creates a feeling of instability and uncertainty, often leaving us thrashing and grappling to reclaim a balance of what we know or believe to be “normal”.

Often in the process of struggling to regain our normal, we begin to feel vulnerable and unsafe.  This may create an urgency to defend and protect what we know or believe to be true, which can unearth polarizing perspectives and beliefs.  Seeking what’s true may often find us spinning and searching for clarity and sources of support we can trust.  This causes us to doubt what we know to be true from that place of inner knowing.  

Our inner knowing, that exists even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, is a deep pool of calm and peace at our core that is aligned with something much larger and purer than the details of our day to day individual lives and stories.  In the expansiveness of this deep inner pool, we may remember we are free to choose to respond according to the source of divine wisdom.  We may respond from the place of Love – knowing we are all a piece of a larger design.  Rather than responding from Fear –  one that feels separate, limited and unsafe. 

This summer I had a visceral experience of that deep pool of oneness.  Following several months of the stress of learning to maneuver the Covid experience, our family had the pleasure of staying at a cottage on a lake in northeastern Ontario.  There’s something magical and healing about being on or near water to restore one’s spirit.  

During the day, I would float in the dark blue waters and feel the tension and stress from the previous months begin to melt from my tissue and bones.  In the evening, we would lie on the dock and gaze at the August light show of shooting stars and meteor showers.  The dock offered a beautiful rhythm of gentle ebbing and flowing.  This floating rhythm gave me the feeling of being untethered, weightless and free, yet safely held in this expansive field. Surrendering to that gentle sway surrounded by the deep cobalt blue of water and sky, I had a sense of remembering my natural home of eternal oneness.  

I’ve often had this same experience during deep meditation.  No matter what is happening around me, I know that everything is unfolding as it should be, and that all is well.

During times of difficulty or uncertainty, we are always free to pause; to breathe deeply; and recall a memory or feeling that knows a calm, peaceful and loving presence.  Remembering those moments where we have touched beauty and oneness, and surrender to the still, small voice deep within.  We will know that we are not alone; that all is well; and we will know which choice leads to greater truth, beauty,  joy and love. 

“You are a piece of the chain of Light that is the Universe itself –  therefore, you are indeed a part of God.”                Kryon