As we approached the end of 2021, I realized how much I was longing for the spaciousness of stillness. Certainly in the past several months we’ve experienced a global stillness through the lock-downs, limits on social gatherings and for many, isolation. While these limits have been cause for many challenges, intense emotions, losses, and the rise in opposing viewpoints, they have also been the catalyst for introspection and deeper healing.

How do we stay present in our heart while facing the ever-changing landscape of what is normalcy and truth? How do we deal with the uncertainties and fears of not knowing what is next, or how this will impact us? A heart-wrenching reality is how polarized we have become, and how fear has overwhelmed our capacity to have compassion, and a willingness to understand one another. In a way, our current crisis is stirring things up and bringing what is hidden to the surface. These hidden things may present as darkness and unbearable pain, but they also have the potential to awaken us to greater light.

As much as I have felt challenged and sometimes overwhelmed with emotion, I still feel a certainty that all will be well; that all is well. When I’m not sure if I have the wisdom or the energy to respond correctly, the only thing left to do is to let go of the struggling, striving and trying, and simply BE. When I do this, there is a surrendering and a feeling of calm that envelops me. I’m able to meet and accept what is in front of me through the lens of the compassionate witness. When I show up in this way, I feel more connected to Great Spirit … Creator … Mother – Father God. My essence is more embodied in my human experience.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I’m reminded that we chose to be here at this time on the Earth, to participate in something miraculous. Despite the obvious challenges we face, both on a personal level and more importantly on the collective global level, when we surrender and open to grace, we know that we are part of something greater.

We are here to learn that the seemingly impossible is possible when we search for the hidden treasures beneath the camouflage of discord. In opening to compassion and understanding for those things we don’t agree with we are uncovering light and love even in the most unexpected places.

As I move into this new year of 2022, I’ve been searching for a word or phrase that might be my mantra to light my way. At first, the word “Surrender” and the phrase “Let Go and Let God” were repeated in my head as I breathed deeply through difficult moments. But then I began to realize that in my surrendering and letting go, I was actually opening to something more profound. In my releasing the striving and trying, I was opening to “grace”.

By definition, the word grace means: divine assistance given to all humans for regeneration (rebirth); resulting in the renewal of our mind and heart. In acknowledging this truth, the phrase “there but by the grace of God” holds greater resonance for me. I feel such gratitude for this knowing. So my word for this year is “grace”. I know that I may still face the darkness and light of living this human experience, but I also know that with awareness and a conscious breath, I open to a stillness and receive the grace that is ever-present. This grace is present for each one of us.

May Grace Be With You,