It’s been several months since I’ve penned my thoughts.  Even though there is a constant shifting and transformation at play, the thread of articulating these insights is sometimes just beyond my grasp. 

It led me to considering how voraciously we consume information.  There’s an endless wellspring of books, webinars, YouTubes, etc.  Enlightening perspectives and practices to enhance the quality of our lives.  Even in conversation with others, one can hear about personal experiences and awakenings that inspire.

Sometimes all this gathering of information and knowledge, though priceless, may leave us overwhelmed with information overload.  I’ve come to recognize that what is sometimes absent, is a deeper listening, and the spaciousness in which to integrate what we’re hearing.

To be kind is more important than to be right. 
Many times, what people need 
is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.”     

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I crave a deeper listening.  A listening that happens in the moments where no words are spoken.  So I’ve started to turn my dial to the rich texture of silence. I look forward to my early morning meditation, in the pre-dawn light, before the house has begun to stir.  It’s a sacred hour, when the only sounds are the low hum of stillness.  There’s so much that can be gathered in these moments. Reflections, insights and feelings of gratitude rise up into my heart. 

Other moments like this occur during walks and times in nature.  Simply observing the natural rhythms that exist, reminds me of the exquisite balance in life.

Yes there are challenges, and there is suffering in many places.  There are deaths, and there are also births.  There are things we’re here to learn, and hidden gifts we’re meant to discover. In the midst of all that life presents, there’s still so much inspiration available. We’re simply invited to be present, to witness the subtle beauties before you. Trust that all is unfolding with perfection.