We are each on our own unique path to discovering the fullness of this life. In my life, learning the disciplines of Reiki, Meditation and other energy-based therapies, has been profoundly instrumental in facilitating my own healing and awakening. I have been practicing holistic therapies since 1996, and I love my work. I offer individual therapy sessions, group workshops, and practitioner & teacher training. My approach is heart-centered, and so I listen deeply to the wisdom that lies within every being. I believe that when held in the fullness of compassion, we are able to release whatever does not serve us and uncover the seeds of our own knowing. I am honoured to hold a space of peace and light for you to unfold, connect with your deepest longing, and move forward with the answers that emerge from there. It has been a sacred privilege to witness the strength and courage of the human journey, at the beginning of life, end of life and the many transitions in-between. I am humbled by the power of this work as I watch my clients meet their own capacity to heal, release pain, open their hearts and step forward into the fullness of who they are here to be. I invite you to awaken to your own journey.

Shanti – Peace