Ascension Reiki

The symbols and knowledge for the Higher degrees of Reiki were received by Reiki Master Ann Thomas (now living in British Columbia), through spiritually guided messages from the Ascended Masters. They have been offered to assist us further on our path of ascension. Each level of Reiki helps us to embody more fully this higher vibration of Love and Light, helping us to heal the past, and attain mastery over ourselves. In this process we are inspired to choose consciously, releasing old patterns and fear-based beliefs. With this awareness, we realize that all experiences are opportunities to deepen our capacity to expand into love, and live in our heart. We see humanity and the earth with new eyes and know that we are all part of the Oneness. These steps through the Grand Master and Ascension Master levels have proven invaluable in my own continued healing and awakening into the Fifth Dimensional way of Being.


Reiki Master ~ Fourth to Seventh Degree

Reiki Master Sixth Degree   

Aligns us to Divine Consciousness with Mother Earth and all the energies that embody her.  Our body is part of the earth, and so we begin to awaken more to the bodies wisdom.  Emphasis on the area between throat and heart chakras, which is our place of wisdom and love.

Reiki Master  Seventh Degree  

Aligns us to the Divine Order of things yet to come into existence on the earth. Increased understanding and awareness of the Universal plane of High Intention and the knowing of who we are and what we came to do.

Fee: $300.00 / Each (Includes HST)
(6-8 hours Each – By Appointment)

Each level helps us to work more creatively with Reiki as we heal the wounds of our past and move more into living our life in the flow of peace and love.


Reiki Grand Master ~ Part 1 & 2

Fee: $450.00/per part (Includes HST)
(10-12 hours Each – By Appointment)

Assists us further in clearing away the energy of fear, gaining more mastery over patterns in our life, and becoming more conscious of the Divine within.


Reiki Ascended Master ~ Part 1, 2 & 3

Fee: $450.00/per part (Includes HST)
(10-12 hours Each – By Appointment)

Helps us to attune to the Higher Mind, allowing Christ Consciousness to inspire our conscious choices of Love in thought and action, so we may align more with Global and Cosmic Unity.



Workshops for all levels of Reiki include instruction, meditation, experiential components, a manual, and on-going support.





“As we become purer channels for God’s Light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world.”

~Marianne Williamson