There have been significant moments in my life, often during times of tremendous struggle or pain, when I had the profound experience of being fully witnessed – completely heard and seen, just as I was.  A quality of space was held, that allowed me to tell my story, without any judgment or need to do anything about what was being shared.  In that container of compassionate witnessing, something shifted deep within.  An expansion and softening occurred, creating an opening for understanding, acceptance and peace.

I know there have been times when I’ve held that quality of space for someone else.  In this holding, I observed a beautiful vulnerability, and transformation in the person, as they shared their story.

How awesome it would be, if we could hold that loving space for ourselves, at times when we feel distressed, imperfect or simply not enough.  If we could master the art of seeing our wholeness, in every experience; we would be free to see beyond the seeming distortions and misperceptions.  We would begin to see more of the Light that exists, in ourselves and in each other.  And we would know with certainty, a peace that is real.

I pray that you discover this Light,
Carole Wray