This time of year holds a quickening of energy. We experience it all around us in the readying for holidays ~ events we cherish, and also encounters we dread. We recognize it in our wish to create special moments and nurture long-held traditions. We feel it in the tug of obligations and the lure of excesses. Sometimes we experience it as an angst of painful emotions that we struggle to contain or simply live through.


It’s an interesting thing that we move into this season of busy-ness, while the earth is breathing in less daylight and exhaling longer nights. Entering this time of Winter Solstice, we’re reminded to slow down and let go of the striving. When we surrender to it, the noise and frenetic pace all around us becomes a drone… a hum…and then a soft whisper summoning us to enter into the stillness.   We begin to sense the rich, velvety darkness gathering around us. Breathing this in, we ignite the spark of light deep inside ourselves. Each breath slowly strengthens the radiance of our Inner Light. It brings awareness to what has been hidden, and what longs to be healed. It reveals the outmoded aspects of ourselves that no longer serve our Highest Truth that we’re gratefully ready to release.


“did I hear a groan today, or was it the ancient sigh

of Earth turning slowly in her frozen winter bed…


…my heart understands this season and lately has learned to respond.

she, too, climbs inside the cave, nestles close to silent seeds.”

Winter Solstice, from The Cosmic Dance, Joyce Rupp


Resting in the void – the sweet abyss of mystery, we awaken to the magic of the silent stillness. We discover the potency of this precious time.  And with each passing day as the light increases, we begin to sense the hidden treasures of what is germinating in the depths of the darkness.  There is a stir of anticipation of what will emerge when the snow melts and daylight returns in its fullness.


For now, may you enjoy miracles unfolding in the mystery.


Wishing you and your loved ones, peace, joy and love.
Carole Wray