For the past couple years, my life has been “under construction”, both figuratively and literally. In my home, we’ve been renovating the main floor to create a space that would be more conducive to my holistic practice, while honouring the needs of family life. This spring our backyard underwent a complete re-construction, immediately followed by a 3 month project for sewer and water-main replacement on our street. All of this, involving breaking down existing structures, stirring up dust and dirt, exposing lots of roots, and leaving things quite precarious and vulnerable. This, not unlike the process we sometimes find ourselves in, personally.

But despite the temporary disruptions, chaos, and emotional turbulence we are immersed in, we do eventually reach a point of acceptance and understanding. As we sift through the debris, discarding old, outmoded parts of our life, we begin to uncover what is of real value. By moving through the disturbance, releasing things that are no longer serving us, we become lighter and clearer. And with a great deal of patience, compassion and faith, we are grateful for the changes taking place. Through our participation in this divinely ordered disturbance, we reconnect with the core of our being and reveal what has been hidden in our hearts. Awakened again to our deepest yearnings and intrinsic gifts, we realize this process was necessary to create a new foundation for our Spirit. Our dreams are renewed; our passions re-vitalized. We can start a new, knowing that every choice, every experience, has been leading us to this moment, and each stage was necessary and worthwhile.

So be patient and gentle with yourself and others, as you move through the storms of change in your life. See it is a welcome friend, guiding you home to yourself.

Some of the changes I’ve sifted through have led me to moving my holistic practice back to my home full-time. For some of you, this does not present any change for you. For those of you who have been seeing me at Cherryhill clinic, I would be pleased to have you visit me at my home office. However, if this does not fit with your needs, please call me so we can discuss other options for you.

Many Blessings of Peace,  Carole