“The heart is the place of great encounters.
It is the place where we meet the Real Self
And where we meet God.


Whenever this encounter takes place
There is alchemical transformation
And we are never again the same.”

~ Unknown

In my life, I have always attempted to live and serve from the heart. And while this intention was true and real, I have come to recognize how very well insulated my heart has been. For most of my life, many of the experiences have been filtered and toned down. And while this seemed safe and manageable, it has lacked breadth and vitality. As I heal the dark corners of my own heart, I become more conscious and present to the bitter and the sweet. I become a compassionate witness, to my own life, and to lives of those I encounter.

When we choose to live in Our Heart, we discover that the experiences of this life embody far more depth and potency. While this means sometimes feeling tremendous loss and pain, it also means tasting exquisite joy, pure love, and oneness. We are all connected. As one suffers, we all suffer; as one heals, we all heal; as one loves, we all love.

I choose to live in the heart….One Heart…..Our Heart. Won’t you join me?

In Peace, Carole