Winter has always been my favourite season. I am revitalized by the crisp clear air and the crunch of snow under my feet. While others are hunkering down during a blizzard, I look forward to trekking through the freshly fallen crystalline snow. I even relish the opportunity for the neighbourly comeraderie that emerges in efforts to help clear each others driveways and freeing trapped cars. This winter, however, I found to be somewhat long and arduous. Although I recognize it as a gift of time for going within to discover more of the true self, I am also aware of how this process may be painful and not so pretty. I found often that I was hearing my voice of encouragement to others, as wisdom being offered to my own heart. Encouragement to love all aspects of self – both shadow and light; to be gentle and patient in the process of rebirth.

The past couple of weeks have presented hopeful signs of spring. During my walks on the still frozen ground, the birds have been signing their songs of joy. Their emergence reminds us that our own soil has been tilled…the seeds planted. All that remains is the sweet anticipation of new growth, both outer growth and inner growth. And so the cycle continues and we are reborn.

In Peace and Gentleness,  Carole