Unlike many southern Ontarians, I am a lover of winter. While there’s a natural propensity to go inward and cocoon, winter is the season where I am invigorated and inspired. This winter, however, against all my best efforts to create and initiate projects, I kept stalling out. Every attempt to push through this feeling left me exhausted and frustrated.

On my walks, I began to resonate with the hardwood trees, dormant and stripped down of their foliage. Yet knowing they are very much alive and creating beneath the surface, I finally accepted the awareness that I was also invited to slow down, and wait. Relaxing into this temporary pause, I began to appreciate the power in waiting, knowing the Earth was also nourishing my roots. Now as I witness the stirrings of spring, I feel aligned with these rhythms. I’m grateful for that time of waiting, for gathering vitality and spark for a new burst of life to emerge.

Honour your own rhythms – the times of dazzling activity and those times of stillness and waiting.

In Light and Love, Carole