We come in to this life with certain innate gifts and knowing. But as we adapt to the complexities of our environment and the garment of our personalities, we loosen our hold on these Inner Truths. We become very adept in solidifying learned beliefs and responses that foster a comfortable and manageable existence. Yet at the deepest level, we know we’re merely wading in familiar shallow waters. Sometimes we need that extra nudge to step out of our comfort zone, and into the vulnerable space of our growth edges. It is here that we’re called to step into the deep, dark waters of mystery, to immerse ourselves in the mystical gifts and lessons of our Soul.


“Go beneath the surface to plumb your own spiritual depths”

“The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” , Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner

This past year, I found myself with several opportunities to explore my growth edges. Eventhough I found myself hesitating and gulping with each new experience, I knew in my heart that each was an invitation from my Soul. And although I found myself doubting my capacity or readiness to respond, I was continually reminded to trust in that greater aspect of Self that co-exists and co-creates with the Divine in each one of us.


This is not to suggest that we recklessly dive into action without any thought. Rather, it’s about consciously engaging our Higher Self with our human spirit as we walk our path. It’s about continuing to nurture the vision of deeply held desires, practice the spiritual tools we’ve cultivated, and respond to experiences that are presented moment by moment from the place of our Souls’ true knowing and expression.


These experiences and truths are sometimes easy, gentle and sweet. Other times, we may initially define them as undesirable, stressful and chaotic. But it’s these experiences that may be gifting us with a deeper revelation of the Soul, encouraging us to shine more of our Light into the world.


Our growth edges are in fact the spaces beyond our comfort zone where we tap into the boundless potential of the Creator. They are in the moments when we surrender to a basic trust and know that all is well, no matter what we’re experiencing on the surface. We are always safely held in the arms of the Primordial Mother and Divine Father, encouraged to express our Soul’s wisdom and gifts.


Enjoy the adventure of living in your growth edges. Be amazed at what you discover about your Self and Others.


In the Loving Oneness,
Carole Wray