The gift of conversation is becoming a lost art.  So often replaced by emails, texts and tweets, that we seldom take moments to sit with someone and share our thoughts and feelings.  I’m not referring to the conversation of “what I do…”; “who I’ve seen lately…”; etc.  I’m talking about what’s really going on with one another – our stories.  The stories we speak in our words, as well as the ones we don’t speak, like our hearts deepest desires, buried regrets, our fears, and our greatest joys.

There’s the other part of conversation that is so often undervalued and yet so instrumental in uncovering our stories.  That’s the art of listening….really listening.  Not just to the words expressed, but also to the tone and body language, and to what’s not being said.  Taking time, with patience and compassion, and listening to the pauses.  Allowing the space for the messages beneath the words to stir, loosening their deep moorings so they can rise up.  This is often where the real gems and depth of our thoughts and feelings are sitting, waiting to be discovered.  

Sometimes, we’re so eager to fill the spaces with words – to offer encouragement, helpful suggestions and guidance, that we unintentionally stifle the insight or gift that’s longing to be expressed.  And often, our well-intentioned assistance and perspectives are coloured or influenced by the filters of our own experiences.  Sometimes our comments and input actually interfere with the bubbling truths that are percolating.  The answers are there within each one of us, waiting to be unearthed.  

Can you sit in compassion, not just for others but also for yourself, and be with the spaciousness of the silent pause of conversation?  What truths or insights are sitting there, longing to be revealed?

Fire Blessing

“May the fire be in our thoughts, making them true, good, and just.

May the fire be in our eyes.  May it open our eyes to share what is good in life.

May the fire be on our lips so that we may speak the truth in kindness, 

that we may serve and encourage others.

May the fire be in our ears so that we may hear with deep listening, 

So that we may hear the flow of water and all creation and the Dreaming.

May the fire be in our whole being…. 

….So that we may walk in the ways of goodness and truth …”

   Message From Forever,  Marlo Morgan

As you move through this holiday season, I wish you and those you share time with, rich and meaningful conversations.  May compassion and light surround and fill you,