Much of my life has been shaped by a deep desire to serve.  Often this service is in the form of doing something for another person.  Sometimes this service is requested, and at other times it is offered without being asked.

The service of doing has always been a natural response, even a reflex to a perceived situation.  Sometimes the doing is overflowing with joy, ease and synergy.  At other times the doing carries an energy of tension, urgency and effort.  This kind of service is often connected to my own judgments and fears.  In these moments, I may recognize that the service of doing is born more out of a need to calm an uncomfortable response within myself. When I become aware of this condition, I discover that the one who needs to be served is really me.  I realize the discomfort stirring within me is in need of presence, awareness and compassion.  The best service is simply “being”; but all too often we busy ourselves with any manner of activity, evading the act of “being with”.

“Do you have the patience to wait till the mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving until the right action arise by itself?      Lao Tzu

I am learning that when I find myself struggling in the restless energy of doing, pushing, striving, and trying to get things right, the best action is to stop and be still.  I have heard the message, “you’ve done enough, given enough, read enough books, studied enough courses and practiced enough techniques.  For now, you’re called to practice the art of Being.”

Why would I choose to resist such a delicious invitation?  When I do say yes to this request, I often discover a shift in my energy, a lightness and clarity.  And when my being-ness is sated, what I’m meant to do next naturally emerges.   I also discover that I’m more open, present and at ease with whatever service I may offer.  Service no longer comes from my own reserves, but instead flows from the boundlessness of the Universe.

As you move into the summer months, I wish you the splendor of many moments of being, enjoying all the Universe has to offer you.

In Light and Love,

Carole Wray