Sometimes the way to awaken more fully into our Authentic Self is to surrender to the Inner Light that is ever present, even when (or especially when) we don’t’ believe in it. It is present in our moments of joy.  It’s there when we’re expressing kindness to another being. It exists when we make love, and when we argue.  Our Inner Light is present even in those times of seeming darkness.  Here we are challenged to discover it, to believe in it, so that we can reveal more of it.  

I felt more of this call of conviction toward authenticity this past year.  This winter really summoned me to go deep into the cave, and into the womb of deep emotion. For obvious physical reasons, the persistent ice challenges made it difficult for many to venture outside.  This was particularly interesting, since winter always calls me outdoors into her silent, frosty magic.  Thanks to our two dogs that are bouncing off the walls if not taken for two long walks daily, I ventured out however mindfully.  

Even though I’ve spent years, a life time really, meditating, praying, journaling, doing energy work in order to heal and release emotional congestion, there was always a depth I hadn’t been able to access.  I needed to surrender to more support.  This came in the manner of trusted friends, deep Heart Centered work, and even some visualization techniques offered to me by my beloved daughter. And while, for many years I’ve claimed that I don’t or can’t cry, I discovered an endless well of tears.  

Oh how we resist being with ourselves long enough to see what we have carefully hidden deep inside.  Each time we rush out of winter’s womb to signs of spring, Mother Nature co-conspires with Spirit, and another winter fury arrives.  Into the cave we return… not yet tender heart, more time is needed. Time to be with our deep feelings. Time to allow layers of protective shielding to loosen it’s hold. Time to uncover precious gems hidden so long ago. 

What is it that’s been stirring in the cave of winter’s womb, struggling to be birthed?  What genius, gems of creativity or being-ness is longing to be expressed? 

Wishing you Love and Joy in the Revealing.