You know the saying, “when someone is pushing your buttons, they’re merely reflecting some aspect of yourself?”  Oh, how we cringe at that truth!

But what we may not realize is that we are being drawn to an experience for self-awareness and healing. Our Soul is attempting to reveal to us the part of self that has been wounded or hidden from the Light. Often the shadow is concealing some exquisite gift or quality that we have not yet claimed.

Just as truly fine gems are buried deep within the dark, moist soil of the earth, our own treasures and gifts are buried deep beneath our unresolved emotions.

So why is it that we resist and fear the shadow?  Why not become as little children – pure, innocent and inquisitive. Like children, we might pursue the shadow. We might explore its many facets. We may even begin to laugh at the shadow. When we face the shadow with a loving, playful, curious quality, we discover the Light that is there.

All that is really asked, is that we remain present and in the heart. It is in the heart where pure love flows, that the seemingly impossible may be healed and transformed.

Shanti, Carole