One lesson that we seem to learn over and over again, is that of listening to our own still voice, and honouring it’s wisdom. Often we permit the rationale of ego to navigate our life, pressing always for more organization, more production, more security. This practical thinking can be so convincing that we ignore the softer petitions of our soul. It is only when our bodies begin to shudder and ache, do we begin to take notice.

Although this summer afforded me a more relaxed schedule in which to complete any number of unfinished projects, or to get on top of the mundane administrative details of my business, I found that my soul’s rhythm had other plans. It was urging me to shift into this easier pace and move into a sort of summer hibernation. So despite the promptings of my rational mind to do more, my inner compass kept pointing me toward that gentle space of being in the middle. I decided to surrender to this rhythm and just enjoy the contentment and peace of being.

When we are not in the chaos or immediacy of transitions, we are presented with an opportunity to appreciate what is. In this quieter space, we are free to choose presence, and express gratitude for our being…. for who we are and where we have traveled, and also praise for all that is good in this universe. I reveled in this gentler pace and allowed my spiritual practices to shift into a more spontaneous flow, with nature as my background music. Occasionally I would get those nudges from ego, telling me “I really should do this”, or “if I don’t do that….”. But always the whisper of my soul, deep inside my heart carried more conviction. I knew this time was invaluable. It was a time for gathering the wisdom of life itself, and a period for strengthening my spiritual resolve. I know that the tides of change will inevitably arrive, and I will be jolted into an urgency for leaping forward, or letting go. I trust that being fully present during tranquil times will reinforce and sustain my faith during the uncertain and turbulent times of change. I pray that you will take notice, and respond to the rhythms of your own heart and soul.

Shanti – Peace,  Carole