Lately it seems that in almost every conversation, turn of the dial or click of the mouse, we are witnessing so much chaos, discord and disruption.  Globally, we see it in scenes of the earth erupting and blowing fires and storms into once idyllic places of beauty. Politically and economically, it’s difficult to trust that the people we’ve chosen to lead us are operating from a belief in the greater good of all.  And in our personal human experience old painful emotions and energies are surfacing, demanding our attention.

It’s no longer possible to push aside and ignore deep-seated issues of pain or imbalance.  Ruptured relationships that we’ve dismissed and ignored are calling out to us. Difficult personality traits that trigger us, are increasing in amplitude and demanding a hearing.

But what if we could look into the face of these challenging situations or individuals, and see beyond the annoying behavior to discover the frightened, wounded child.  How might things be different?  What if we could just BE WITH this person for this one moment as a compassionate witness to those unmet needs. How might things transform for this soul?  Imagine what armour might fall away from them, revealing more of their light.  How might our perspective change and how might things shift for us?

Now what if the challenging behavior was reflecting the frightened, wounded child within ourself.  How might we heal if we allowed this inner child to feel our compassionate witness self? What mystical gifts might we reveal and awaken from deep within?  What treasures might be discovered in our tightly fisted hands.

Awaken to the stories that meet you, one moment at a time.  Be where you are, with the one you are with.  This moment contains all the wisdom and power needed to heal.

Wishing you Love and Joy in the Revealing.