It seems that no matter how many titles or accomplishments we have attached to our name. And regardless of how many friends include us in their circle. We are often left with the question: “to whom do I belong?”

I belong to the family of Wray-Lyons-Badgley-Pickering.

I belong to humanity, in all its diversity, complexity and rich culture.

I belong to the sacred sisterhood and brotherhood, healing through the wounds and loosening the fabric of personality to discover the Real Self.

I belong to Mother Earth, and to all that share her body – the birds, insects and animals; the trees, rocks and the waters.

I belong to the Universe – to the stars, the planets, the moon, and to the Great Central Sun.

I belong to Creator – to all that is. I belong to you. We belong to each other. Even as we stand alone, we belong to Oneness.

May blessings of peace and love abide in our One Heart.

With Love, Carole