Our Canadian summers are amazing gifts to us. Gifts of time for leisure; time for connecting with friends and family; longer, brighter days; and warm, peaceful nights. For me, summer is my winter, my time for going within. This summer however, there was a surge of heightened activity, and I became swept up in planning and doing. In the process, I lost transmission with my heart’s knowing. Some of my choices and actions were taking direction purely from the mind. Because of this, some decisions were born out of limiting beliefs.

Our body knows when we’re responding out of fear or limitations, and it will do it’s best to get our attention. I literally started experiencing pressure and burning in my heart. I realized that I wasn’t engaging the wisdom of the heart. How easy it is to slip into that pattern. The amazing thing is, that once we recognize it, we may choose to pause and nurture this relationship once again. How much more magnificent would it be, if we would allow the heart’s truth to be our guidance. What is your heart’s deepest desire in this moment?  What possibilities await you?

With Love,  Carole