We often seek a Higher guidance to our deep questions: “Why am I here? What am I meant to learn in this situation or relationship?; “Should I choose this path or the other path? Why do I struggle with the same things?…” Here’s another question. Do we recognize or understand when our questions are answered? So often we look beyond the daily experiences for some elaborate formula to life’s conundrums. The messages come to us through a myriad of creative and unexpected means. Sometimes in the words someone speaks. Perhaps it’s one line in a song that resounds in our heart. Quite often, the messages are revealed in scenes we witness as we go about our day, through the actions of others or patterns in nature. We may not always trust the answers while in the unknowing. But if we embrace the unknowing mystery of life, seeing each moment as a piece of golden thread weaving through everything, we may begin to see how beautifully the tapestry is unfolding.

One day on my walk along the river, I observed a hawk soaring above me. So graceful and beautiful. Suddenly she dove down, presumably for some breakfast, but was heading directly toward a string of 10 electrical wires. She stopped just short of crashing into them, hovered a moment, adjusted her angle and proceeded to slalom through the wires. Arriving to the other side unscathed, she took flight again into a beautiful gliding dance above the river. Then after a few hovering glides, she circled back and suddenly dove down again toward the wires. Once again stopping abruptly, adjusting her angle, and slaloming through. I was in awe!   It was as if she had discovered a new skill and decided to practice it, and with apparent joy and ease.

I thought, that’s it. It’s so simple. We’re here to practice what we came here to learn. The lessons will come to us, and we’re free to choose our response. We can choose fear or we can choose Love. Love the lessons of life’s journey, in all its unexpected twists, turns, obstacles and blessings.

Observing the flight of that hawk reminds me that facing life with a sense of adventure, leads to so much more creativity, perspective, joy and grace. Oh yah, and love. No wonder I love our feathered friends so much!

How are the messages revealing themselves to you?

In Love and Flight,