Key passages in our lives cause us to reflect deeply on this fragile, transient life. Certain questions arise, like “Am I in an authentic relationship?” “Am I in a career that is fulfilling and aligned with my gifts?” “Am I living with integrity?” “Am I fulfilling my life purpose?”

What does this really mean anyway?

At times, we become so anxious and obsessed about finding that one perfect person, that one ideal job, that one crucial moment of truth. In this pursuit, time, exquisite time, is slipping through our hands. In reality, each moment offers a million possible experiences to live that perfection of Truth.

For me, all my years of grasping has led me to these essential questions. “Am I loving with a truly open heart?” “Am I receiving love with grace?” “Are my words and actions born of clear consciousness and intention?” Each moment that I make peace with these questions, I know that I AM fulfilling my life purpose … I AM living my Truth…I AM.

May you make peace with the Truth of your own precious life, and know that you are living your purpose now. With Blessings, Carole