Usui Reiki


Reiki (Universal life force energy) is an ancient system of healing using natural energy. Accessing Reiki enables us to discover what is at the core of our being, allowing our essence to shine. Anyone, with compassion and a desire towards wholeness and healing can learn this discipline. Reiki is taught through an attunement process, using the ancient symbols. Workshops for all levels of Reiki include a manual, instruction, meditation, experiential components, and on-going support.

First Degree (Shoden – First Teaching)

Fee: $175.00 (Includes HST)

Thurs Feb 21, 2019    7:00-9:30   &   Sat Feb 23, 2019    9:30-4:30

Students are attuned to this wonderful energy, and learn how to channel it so as to offer hands-on Reiki for healing self and others.

Second Degree (Okuden-Inner Teaching)

Fee: $250.00  (Includes HST)

Thurs Mar 21, 2019    7:00-9:30   &   Sat Mar 23, 2019    9:30-4:30

Students are attuned to three Usui Reiki symbols, and learn to direct healing energy to someone at a distance, or for healing the past and future. While enhancing the hands-on sessions, it is very beneficial for healing the mental/emotional body.

Third Degree (Shinpiden – Mystery Teaching)

Fee: $450.00 (Includes HST)
Tuesdays April 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30     7:00-9:30

Students receive the knowledge and attunement of three Reiki Master symbols and learn to offer two healing attunements. Learn to deepen your practice through advanced meditations and working with crystals.  Discussion for setting up professional practice, as well as maintaining honour and integrity for self and others. This level further facilitates a deepening of our spiritual healing, and may be preparation for pursuing Reiki Master Teacher level.

Reiki Shares

Suggested Offering: $20.00

All Levels:

Thursdays – Jan 31,  Mar 28 & May 30    7:00pm-10:00pm    Hosted by Drew Halliday – RSVP drew.halliday@bell.net

Thursdays – Feb 28,  Apr 25 & Jun 27, 2019    7:00pm-10:00pm   Hosted by Carole Wray – RSVP carolewray@rogers.com

Please Pre-Register with the designated Host by Tuesday the week of Reiki Share

For Reiki students of all levels, this is an opportunity to share in a meditation and exchange of Reiki sessions. This is a gentle, healing way to deepen your own practice while connecting with other Reiki Souls.

Reiki Master Teacher 1

Fee: $450.00 (Includes HST)

Sat May 25 & Sun May 26, 2019     9:30 – 4:30

For those who have completed all three levels of Reiki and are actively living the Reiki principles. This level attunes you to the knowledge for attuning and teaching others First, Second and Third Degree Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher 2

Fee: $275.00 (Includes HST)

Thurs Jun 13    7:00-9:30  &   Sat June 15, 2019    9:30 – 4:30

For those qualified, who wish to teach Reiki Master Teacher I & II. It is recommended that participants are living the Reiki principles and have taught all three levels of Reiki.

Workshops for all levels of Reiki include instruction, meditation, experiential components, a manual, and on-going support.